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The laser cut press is the original Provisional Press and is significantly different from the kit. It can be built with a laser cutter and $40-50 of materials. *Edit 11/2021 - Due to the rising cost of wood and other building materials it is probably more like $75 at this time.* The main goal with this press is that it can be built by someone with little wood shop skills but access to a laser cutter. This press can provide an inexpensive alternative that can act as a transitional press to enable students to make prints when they may not have access to a large steel presses. This press will not last you a lifetime, but with care and proper use you should be able to pull thousands of prints off of this press.

This press is specifically for letterpress printing (galley high .968″). You can also use it for other relief processes (linocut, wood cut, & wood engraving). The press bed is 8.5″ x 18,” but you should probably expect to print 8″ x 12″ or less.

On this page you will find the files provided for making this press. I would recommend starting with the Provisional Press Instructions – it has a parts list as well as the instructions for building the press. You will then need the other two PDFs for cutting and labeling your press pieces as you get started.

This project and files are all my (Steve Garst) creations, but are free for anyone to use and modify as they experiment with building their own press. Questions or concerns may be directed to





Laser Cutter




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